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Creating a Collaborative Community

We know a lot of people are doing amazing things that more people should know about. For this reason, the Creatively United for the Planet non-profit team has responded to the need for a values-based, purpose-driven event hub that also showcases and celebrates socially and environmentally responsible leaders committed to improving the quality of life in their community and the planet.

Together anything is possible… especially when ideas, talent, creativity, technology and expertise are put into action!

Collaboratively we help foster strategic alliances and provide a positive forum and an integrated network for individuals of all ages, community groups, businesses, institutions and NGO’s to connect, learn, share and get their message out to larger audiences year-round.

For more than five years, Creatively United has been bringing thousands of people together in celebration of community leadership at our annual Earth Week events.

To keep the conversations going and growing, we welcome you to participate in This Is Leadership by reading, writing, posting, sharing and staying connected with this vibrant community of inspired leaders creating a better world for us all.

What an amazing resource! I just had a look around This Is Leadership and what an opportunity for grassroots organizations to share information and build relationships.
We will certainly be using it to the fullest extent.
Kudos and you and your organization.

Kathleen Code

Ecoforestry Institute Society

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